Small heat pump water heater

The use of sustainable energy for heating  houses is necessary to reduce the CO2 emission and the use of fossil fuels.

Watch this video for a short introduction

Video by XS4GREEN

Ecoon develops ideas and has products for house systems, which are connected to a collective heat network. Its thermal supply is high enough for heating the house, but too low for producing hot tap water.

The products and ideas Ecoon has developed are composed of:

  • Heat pumps for the production of hot tap water
  • Boiler tanks
  • Temperature controllers for rooms
  • Delivery sets for cold and heat

The arrangement  of the product portfolio guarantees an optimal compatible connection.

In the flyer attached you can read about the features of this system.

The ideas have been laid out in many system models. Presently, these are available in Dutch only.

If you would like to have more information about Ecoon’s products, please contact us.